D.O.E Events Application Report



Evaluation of Host
Has Applicant Ever Hosted and Event Before:*
If yes with which registries:
If no, Does applicant have show expierince to draw upon as a host:*
Evaluation of Event Location 
Show Name:*
Date of Show:*
Name of Event Venue:*
Venue Contact Name:*
Contact Phone Number:*
Contact E-mail:*
Event Location Address:*
Approx site square footage:*
Are there restrooms aviable:*
Distance from Applicant Physical Address to Event Site:*
Closest MAJOR Airport to venue:*
Distance from Airport to Venue:*
3 Closest Hotels to Venue:
Hotel Name:*
Hotel Phone:*
Hotel Address:*
Pet Policy:*
Distance from Venue:*
Hotel Name:(2)*
Hotel Phone:(2)*
Hotel Address:(2)*
Pet Policy:(2)*
Distance from Venue:(2)*
Hotel Name:(3)*
Hotel Phone:(3)*
Hotel Address:(3)*
Pet Policy:(3)*
Distance from Venue:(3)*
Adequate Restaurant and Fast Food options available within reasonable distance:*

No shows will be booked within a 300 mile radius of another RKC show on the same weekend.

Additionally, you may not have a show in the same state the weekend before or the weekend after a previously held RKC show in that state.
List any events and associated registries within 500 miles in a 2 week window around the applicants selected date/location- ABKC, BBCR, CBR, UBKC, UKC:*

Before finalizing your report, please consider all of the facts listed above. The above information impacts not only the success of each event but also the RKC personnel hired to attend the event and that each event is a direct reflection on the registry.

Do you feel this applicant should be approved to host this show? *
If yes with contingencies, please list:
If no, list reasons:
Electronic Signature Director of Events Ervin Moore:*
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